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Nueva Cumbia Argentina: The Buenos Aires Implosion!:
November 2, 2009, 9:19 pm
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FREE DOWNLOAD – Los Destellos-Elsa (Sonido Martines remix feat. Fefe)

I’m not sure when Cumbia made the transition to THE hot flavor for
global dance floors around the planet- but for some time now we’ve
been experiencing “Cumbia- Mania” which has encompassed a seemingly
never ending stream of mash ups, remixes and re-issues. Our buddy DJ
has just released a great new compilation on his fine Soot
which is sure to keep the Cumbia
fires stoked. Here’s the official spiel:

Cumbia! The infectious Latin American rhythm keeps on grooving –
from makeshift dancefloors in Mexico to trend-hunting clubs across
Europe. Millions dance to it each weekend across the Americas, and
cumbia’s blogosphere love and gringo attention has skyrocketed in the
past year, so we turned to the most knowledgeable cumbiambero we
know, Buenos Aires’ Sonido Martines, to guide us through cumbia’s
roots and future.

Nueva Cumbia Argentina is set to be the most important cumbia
compilation of 2009. It includes major figures Damas Gratis and DJ
Taz, whose work kickstarted both cumbia villera the new cumbia/cumbia
digital scene. The comp then reaches forward to the latest
developments, like El Hijo de la Cumbia, who got his start producing
for big-name Mexican cumbia soundsystems before going solo.

Sonido Martines was the perfect person to organize this compilation.
The Argentine has spent the last decade traveling between
Bolivia, Buenos Aires, Bogota, and Lima, organizing parties and
connecting scenes in the emerging independent cumbia movement.
He’s collaborating with national radio in Argentina on a series about
cumbia and tropical music. Martines is recognized as one of
South America’s premiere record diggers, finding obscure vinyl LPs
and hot-off-the-harddrive digital bangers. The result is the
sweetly-tuned snapshot of the best in nueva cumbia in the ’00s, from
cumbia villera’s populist explosion to Kompact-influenced
electronica hybrids.


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I luv los Destellos, sometimes Colombians look down on Peruvian cumbia’s or any other cumbia’s but these Surfguitar sounds r mad . And Martinas is mad

Comment by newcumbia

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