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Very Be Careful -Escape Room (In 3D)
April 27, 2010, 1:51 am
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James Cameron watch out. Very Be Careful recently released their album Escape Room (Barbes Records) bundled with old school 3D glasses.

These blue/red shades help the album art “pop” but the music speaks for itself with any old headphones or   speakers.

I have to admit— despite the bands notable buzz, I hadn’t listened to their music until seeing them live in SF a few months back. What surprised me the most was the acoustic nature of their dance music in this      day and age. No guitar, no backing track, heck– no drum set..

Thick with swampy accordion, raucous percussion, and steady bass, Escape Room delivers their classic       homegrown Los Angeles spin on Cumbia music. It works. It grooves. It may even make you smile.

Hear for yourself by downloading the album’s opening track: ”La Furgoneta” (FREE DOWNLOAD – HERE

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