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Adrian Quesada and Brainchild “In Your Right Mind Vol. 1”

Adrian Quesada and Brainchild – In Your Right Mind (Free Album Download)

Remember the name Adrian Quesada, if you havn’t heard of him you’ve probably already encountered his musical touches on one of the many projects that he contributes to. Based in Austin, TX the bands  Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, and Ocote Soul Sounds all have their own unique blend of bringing their Latin influence to contemporary genres and Quesada and his guitar are a major part of all their sounds.  Grupo continues the Fania All-Star tradition of salsa based jazz-funk compositions, Brownout is the straight up Latin Funk mostly instrumental project that gives Quesada a little more room for his fine and fuzzy solos, while Ocote is a duo with Martin Perna of Antibalas that is a downtempo-ish group that explores psychedelic and sonic boundaries. If that wasn’t enough Quesada is giving the world a brand new old record today to celebrate the completion of his website, Adrian! We look forward to hearing whatever you do next.  Below is a note from Adrian about this free download.

In Your Right Mind was an album of instrumental hip hop and beats I made over 8 years ago with my man Brainchild (now known as James Pants aka Jaime Pantalones). Coincidentally, it also features my first collaboration with my fellow Taurean Martin Perna as he contributed flute to one track, which was the precursor to Ocote Soul Sounds’ first record. We pressed up only 100! copies and either gave them away or sold them to whoever was interested and I have people tell me to this day they still rock this in their stereo. I put it on the Ipod on a flight the other day and I think it’s aged like fine wine. I would like you all to enjoy it as well….I present to you, a free download of Adrian Quesada and Brainchild’s In Your Right Mind.


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