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David Starfire’s Bollywood Bass Remixes Vol. 2

Bollyhood Bass remixes Vol 2 release date is May 10th and features remixes by Love and Light, Ana Sia, Adham Shaikh, Desert Dwellers, Koian and David Starfire! Here’s a free single for you!
On Bollyhood Bass Remixes Vol. 2, you’ll hear the spirit David Starfire’s native region and Creole heritage mostly in the gutbucket funk that animates nearly every track – as well as in the hip hop
elements that he has distributed generously throughout the program. “The
Beat,” for example, features a charmingly squidgy synthesizer bass, rolling dhol drum, and
sharp-tongued rapping courtesy of guest MC with vocals by iCatching. “Shout It Out” prominently features some very
fine beatboxing (by Lynx) alongside an acoustic guitar-driven groove and even more rapping, all of it leavened by various Asian flavors. Other Caribbean influences are audible throughout the album as well: on “Baghdad,” the slow and trip-hoppy beat is interwoven with explicitly dubwise reverb and echo effects and punctuated by Jamaica-inflected vocal samples; “Load” piles on layers of science fiction dub effects as well, this time juxtaposed with keening Asian vocals.

Upcoming Tour dates for David Starfire:
5/8 Reno, NV @ Wurk
5/14-5/15 Kona, Hawaii @ Alchemeyez festival
5/20 Sebastopol, CA @ Tribal Fest afterparty
5/21 San Fransicso, CA @ Fillmore (Live Ensemble)
6/11 Santa Rosa, CA @ Harmony Festival (Live Ensemble)
6/17-18 Belden, CA @ The Bounce
6/24-6/26 Clear Creek County, CO @ Sonic Bloom
8/6-8/8 Salmo BC, Canada @ Shambhala
9/1-9/4 Black Rock City, NV Burning Man
9/23-9/25 Vallejo, CA @ Earthdance (Live Ensemble)
10/1 Redway,CA @ Fall Splendor fundraiser at Mateel Community Center


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