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CSC Funk Band – Full length out on Fat Beats
August 30, 2011, 10:46 am
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CSC Funk Band – Caneca (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Got to give it up to these guys unique aproach to groove based music. CSC Funk Band sound is more diverse than their band’s name would have you believe. The recording touches on psychedelic, punk, Southern rock, ambient, Latin, jazz, instrumental hip-hop and the avante-garde, but all giving in to the back beat of the rythym section. This is party music for people who want to move, the mix is kinda lo-fi, which gives  it warmth charm, charm and a feeling of authenticity. The energy on the disc is refreshing,  a bit more space might make some of the arrangements more effective (more drum and percussion breaks please!). The band’s energy never let’s up, especially on tracks like the scorcher “Fiesta” with harmonica, clavinet and screaming horns adding some free jazz to the funk and evoking post-punk’s funkier acts like Konk. The disc is a delight and it’s forceful grooves let’s the listener know that this is a band you may dig on a recording but their sounds are made for moving and experiencing in real life, they have the ultimate house party band sound figured out. Check out the smoking free download above and check the full length at Fat Beats or your favorite store.


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