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Pre-release remix from Gaudi’s latest, In between times (5/14)
April 23, 2013, 3:48 pm
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We are stoked for the May 14th release of Gaudi’s latest album, In between times! In the meantime grab a copy of the exclusive “Rootikal Mix” (feat. Danny Ladwa) of Gaudi’s “Unlimited Possibilities”.

Catch Gaudi live in action this summer and check out this article in which Gaudi pays tribute to the late Pete Namlook.

6/01/13 // Summer Arts and Music Festival // Garberville, CA

6/02/13 // Wakarusa – Mulberry Mountain // Ozark, AR

6/06/13 // Hive // Sandpoint, ID

6/07/13 // Alhambra // Portland, OR

6/08/13 // Re-bar // Seattle, WA

6/12/13 // King King Hollywood // Los Angeles, CA

6/13/13 // The Ruby Room // San Diego, CA

6/14/13 // Mighty // San Francisco, CA

6/15/13 // Sonic Bloom // Georgetown, CO

7/20/13 // Photosynthesis Festival // Passage Neah Bay // WA

7/25/13 // Gratifly Music & Arts Festival // Westminster, SC

7/26/13 // FloydFest // Floyd, VA

8/9/13 // The Big Up // Claverack, NY

8/10/13 // Beloved Sacred Art & Music Festival // Tidewater, OR


Niyaz – ‘Naseem’
March 11, 2013, 12:12 pm
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Check out Niyaz’ new song and video from their upcoming SUMUD the acoustic EP (released worldwide 3/19)! Based on a traditional devotional Persian poem, “Naseem” features a duet from Azam Ali and the flute-playing of Habib Meftah Boushehri.

Catch Niyaz at NYC’s Cutting Room on April 25th and New Orleans’ Festival International de Louisiane on April 27th!

David Starfire VIBE Exclusive
March 4, 2013, 1:25 pm
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David Starfire sat down with VIBE for an exclusive on his new album Ascend as well as to discuss his dream collaboration and Indian & hip-hop influences! Head here to check out the article!

VIBE also debuted Starfire’s brand new Zeppelin remix! Stairway (David Starfire remix) is available for free download by heading over here!

David Starfire “Ascend” released today!
February 19, 2013, 1:56 pm
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On the most musically bright of sides on this otherwise dark weathered morning, today (2/19) saw the release of Ascend, the new album from David Starfire. Hailed as his most “live” project thus far, Ascend serves as further evidence of Starfire’s innovative mastery of musical fusion. A sound that knows no genre-limiting boundaries, “Ascend” features what Starfire describes as “an eclectic mix of bhangra, Arabic, dub, reggae, dubstep, moombahcore, trap and other genres produced in ‘Starfire’ fashion”. On Ascend a collaborative spirit propels the good vibes of Starfire’s category-defying sound. Among artists featured on the album are founding father of hip-hop Afrika Bambaataa, fellow members of the Six Degrees family Cheb i Sabbah and Natacha Atlas, Desert Dwellers, iCatching, and Sheila Govindarajan.

Check out “House of Bhangra” from the new album Ascend

Starfire shares Burning Man memories in this vid 

Dom La Nena – ‘No Meu Pais’
February 5, 2013, 12:58 pm
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A constant state of smiles and good vibes. That’s what the new year has been like in the Six Degrees office. At the heart of this merriment lay our excitement over the release of Dom La Nena’s debut album, Ela (1/15 USA and Canada; 2/18 Europe). We are proud to say this week Dom’s debut hit #1 on the CMJ World Chart.

Like the woman behind the cello, Ela reflects a continent-spanning geographical rootlessness. Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Dominique Pinto moved to France at the age of eight while her father pursued his doctorate. Raised on classical music, at thirteen Dom began writing letters to American cellist Christine Walevska. With parental consent the aspiring musician relocated to Argentina where she studied with Walevska for several years before returning to Paris at eighteen. In 2009, Dom performed with English actress and singer Jane Birkin. Following an international tour with Birkin, Dom set about writing and recording her first album. The true catalyst for creating Ela, though, was meeting English-born singer/songwriter Piers Faccini. On the advice of Faccini, Dom used Faccini’s home studio in the Cevennes Mountains of France, where she recorded almost all of her parts in a week’s span. Enthused by the outcome, Faccini decided that he wanted in, and set out to work on co-producing the thirteen compositions soon to become known as Ela.

The first single from Ela, ‘No Meu Pais’ reflects Dom’s experiences with a rootless childhood. Without a specific nationality attached to it ‘meu pais’ (“my country”) becomes simply ‘myself’.

The Spy From Cairo
May 23, 2012, 11:57 pm
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Free Download – Spy From Cairo – ‘Alladin Dub&quot’

The Spy From Cairo aka Zeb, has long been one of our favortie producers and oud players around. Since his days with Organic Grooves up to his recent remixes of Natacha Atlas, Zeb’s productions have always been top notch and mix a perfect blend of organic and electronic elements. On his latest album, “Arabadub” our May 29th on Wonderwheel Records, The Spy once again melds sounds from thee Middle East with Dub Reggae and mid-tempo electronic grooves. The seductive sounds are perfect for drinking, smoking, eating, dancing and philosophizing.

Niyaz – Sumud
May 23, 2012, 12:36 pm
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Niyaz, which means ‘yearning’ in Persian and Urdu, was formed in 2005 by vocalist Azam Ali, multi-instrumentalist Loga Ramin Torkian and two-time Grammy nominated producer and electronic musician Carmen Rizzo. Since their last release, Nine Heavens made waves in the global music community, the band have toured worldwide, had their music placed in numerous films & television shows and each released stunning solo albums that continue to push them into the international spotlight. Nine Heavens was heavily featured on world-wide radio (including NPR and PRI in the States), topped the charts of iTunes World Music and CMJ World Music, and continues to be discovered by new fans worldwide.

Now the band returns with their third album, Sumud. The album’s title is Arabic for “steadfastness” and the record’s musical themes center around the plight of ethnic and religious minorities around the world. Azam Ali chose this philosophical term as a symbolic reminder that, as she explains, ‘every human being should inherit the right to live with dignity and freedom upon the land on which they are born.’

With a heavier emphasis on the electronic side of their sound and a special guest vocal appearance from Oscar-winning Indian composer, musician and singer AR Rahman, Sumud is the most powerful release yet from one of global fusion’s most popular bands.